Fishing School

Hands-on training and technique

Learn the techniques used by the pros through hands-on time spent with each pro fishing from your boat.

Captain Steve

Over the course of two days you will learn from two professional fishermen with this hands-on course.

During day 1, we’ll show you the differences between popular jigging techniques used by the pros including; snap jigging, rippingrap, hair jigging. We will then cover how to use electronics to find fish. We’ll end the day out on the lake fishing with you out of your boat.

During day 2, we’ll review trolling equipment and techniques. We’ll do a seminar on fishing in the Lower Bay which will cover locations and techniques to use based on the season.

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What past students say…

I’ve been trolling and fishing for walleye and salmon for almost 50 years now and Steve taught me a lot of new techniques and tricks that I will be putting I my arsenal.

Mark M.

Learned many new skills participating in the class and the best part is taking that knowledge out on the water in my own boat with my own equipment and getting guidance on how to put those new skills into practice. That was the real value, it reinforces what was learned in the classroom and helps boost confidence when you are putting fish in the boat. Steve at WalleyeTech does an excellent job with the instruction and more importantly the hands-on portion of the course. If you are new to trolling or looking to add new tips and tricks to what you already know this is an excellent opportunity.

Scott R.

Thank you Steve for a great class. Anyone who has no idea where to start would come out confident after attending your class. Lots of information, techniques, ideas were shared! I’m very happy with what I learned!

Erik S.

Very informative class, covered more than I expected. If your not sure about it, it’s well worth your time. Steve is great at answering any questions (other than his secret spots) and getting you to do the hands on so you get the feel of it was great.

Tom N.

This seminar/class was really informative on trolling for walleye. Steve went through details on selection of planer boards, rods, reels, lines, lures, snap weights, boat control and so many other things. He did class room presentations in putting it altogether. The next day we put our learning to work on the water where Steve assisted in each of the student’s boat. This is where all of us learned first hand the practices that makes you better with the fine details the really makes a difference. Steve has the passion in providing his wisdom for you in being a better fisherman!

Mark U.